Anjo Free Wi-Fi
  • 図書館ID認証
  • メール認証
  • SNS認証
Library ID authentication

You can use the service by using your library user number.

For those who have a borrowing and returning certificate, and are not registered, please register here.

user number


E-mail authentication

Enter your e-mail address, click send, and a password will be sent to your address.

To use the service, please enter the password you receive.

If you do not receive an e-mail

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi connection and receive the e-mail by using your 3G/LTE network.
  • There is a possible error with the entered e-mail address.
  • It may be a domain name filter error.
  • Please set your e-mail account to receive e-mails from “”

SNS authentication

You can log in using the following SNS.

  • The account information was delivered based on the customer’s consent.
  • Passwords used in different services will not be informed to other companies.

You can connect to the following homepage without authentication.